From the Beginning – Enough is Enough –

When I remarried, I never saw myself as being a prison wife, but now that I am, I intend to be a faithful prison wife! And I intend to build a better life for him to come home to.

Welcome to Love’s Deep Waters! This is the blog of a faithful prison wife and her husband’s journey through faith, hope, love, and a long incarceration. Here you will find personal journals and stories, photography, art, and over 150 poems.


It pains me to have to address this situation, but I am pursuing a future for myself and my husband that does not involve negativity!


Our lives are very controversial and there are many rumors and beliefs about us that are not true.


Do NOT believe everything you read from the newspaper people!


My husband is mentally disabled and is being held in one of the best facilities for special needs inmates. His location has recently been leaked by his own mistake. I will continue to guard our privacy to the best of my ability. Any abusive language or personal information shared on this blog will be removed. Anyone harassing or threatening my husband or myself through the mail, online, or in person will be reported to the officials, blocked, and if needed to be charged with harassment.

I have put up with your BS long enough! It was once again my husband’s desperate cry to be a father that has gotten him into this predicament. Having his personal information does not give you the right to harass us!

If you’re not here to support us, then you’re against us Mind Set

And as a final note, if ever his children read this: Your father made some immature decisions in his early years because he is immature. He didn’t go to prison because he didn’t love you. He didn’t lose contact with you because he didn’t love you. He simply did not know how to fight for the rights that were taken from him. There is not a day that has gone by that he has not talked about his children! Regardless of what you may have heard about me, your step-mom, I have encouraged your father to keep trying to contact you, the cards, letters, gifts, we did that together! He still to this day, dreams of a reunion when you are old enough to make your own decisions. He is the sweetest, most optimistic, loving, and caring man who was born with the mind of a child. Losing you left a void that when we struggled to fill it, he attempted other ways which led to him being lied to and imprisoned. Nothing less, nothing more.

Your father is a good man but he will always be a child due to disabilities beyond his control. HE LOVES YOU, all 4 of you, and when this is all over, our doors and hearts are forever open.

A Poem to my First Son from his Dad

{a poem for his daughter is being written, he hasn’t finished it yet}


For “E”

The Empty Cradle

Little Boy I never Knew



Thank you so much for reading! Please feel free to follow this blog to join us on our journey of faith, hope, love, and incarceration.

Until Then~

Love’s Deep Waters

Faithful Prison Wife


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  1. Your welcome! I remember once (many years ago) as a teenager when I expressed my anger towards my father to his mother she told me that I was not unique. I have never forgotten the pain her words engendered that day. Back then I wasn’t a poet and it took many years to discover my talent for writing poetry so that today I am a poet and will always be.

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